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Firstly, Congratulations!


Reflexology and pregnancy make a fabulous partnership...


This powerful holistic therapy can support you through all the changes you are experiencing and see you through to birth and beyond. If you are pregnant, this is generally a joyous time for mothers, but being pregnant can place huge demands on the mother’s physical, mental, and emotional body.


Below are just a few ailments that you might be experiencing:


Oedema (fluid retention)


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dizziness & headaches

Emotional instability


Leg cramping

Back & Hip strain

 Working different reflex areas on the feet, for example, the stomach reflex can discourage nausea by balancing stomach enzymes and acids. Not only can Reflexology be extremely beneficial for you throughout your pregnancy but it is also extremely powerful at reducing stress levels, increasing relaxation, and creating a greater sense of wellbeing. 


Rest assured that as a highly qualified practitioner, I always remember that I am treating two people when offering Maternity Reflexology.

Please note that I only treat Mums to be, once they are through their first trimester.

For your first treatment, please allow 90 minutes, this will include a full consultation before your treatment begins. 


£40 per treatment (60 minutes)

Please allow 90minutes for your first treatment, this includes your consultation before your treatment

Please get in touch here if you would like to book!

Reflexology doesn't end once your new bundle of joy arrives; I also offer baby and toddler sessions for you to expand your knowledge and get hands-on with the reflex techniques for your child.


You do not have to be unwell to enjoy a Reflexology treatment. Many people have it as part of maintaining their overall well being, or just for a deeply relaxing experience, helping to relieve stress. But it is important to say that reflexology is for everyone…no matter how young or old you are!

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