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Combined Facial & Feet Reflexology

We have all experienced the power of someone stroking our face or head when it is needed and this is very often an instinctive thing to do when we want to give comfort.
Working someone's feet, head, or face can have the same effect; immediately soothing and reducing stress, bringing about a sense of well-being.
For anyone concerned that this will tickle, I can reassure you that this is not the case and as a highly qualified practitioner I make every effort to ensure your comfort at all times.

The Treatment

This magical treatment begins with a full consultation. Once you are fully comfortable on the couch or chair this uplifting treatment begins with a gorgeous foot massage, using some wonderful organic balm, sending you on your gentle, journey to total relaxation and balance.
I will work several of your body's systems by gently stimulating reflex points on your feet, with my fingers. 
This part of the treatment lasts approximately 30 mins.
Then once you have chosen one of my available organic facial oils (can be performed without using oil ), your blissful facial treatment begins. 
Once I have slightly adjusted your position on the couch and when you are lying comfortably, I will then begin to gently stimulate some of many powerful facial reflex points, chosen specifically to support you.
Puffiness is reduced and a healthy glow can be restored to your complexion, whilst removing tension held in your face, which in turn, releases tension throughout your body.
Finally, we will conclude this fabulous treatment with some deep breathing and visualisation.
Whilst working all reflexes I can clear energy blockages which are often felt as crystals and tenderness, and this, in turn, helps to unblock the nerve pathways; allowing improved nerve stimulation, thus encouraging an organ, gland, or another body system to work more efficiently, and helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and excretory organs which help boost your immune system.
This wonderful treatment is the perfect way to restore yourself; bringing you physically, emotionally, and spiritually back into balance.

£40 (60-minute treatment)

Please allow 1.5 hours for your first treatment, to allow time for your consultation
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