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Face Reflexology is a noninvasive, deeply relaxing experience.


Once you are comfortable on the couch the treatment journey begins. Throughout, I will use light hand and finger movements applied directly onto your face using gentle, circular, and pressure techniques. By directing gentle pressure on each reflex point, I can stimulate the energy flow to its corresponding area on the body, helping to reduce inflammation and promote free-flowing energy where needed. Not only does this help stimulate the circulation, but it also nourishes the skin, bringing about a wonderful glow.  

Your treatment will always be unique to you, stimulating specific reflex points, personal to you, that will allow your body to target areas of need, helping to restore balance. Be sure to take a deep sniff of all the facial oils before choosing your favorite!

Here are just a few examples of reflex points on the face and their corresponding parts of the body:

  • Chin: kidney, bladder, reproductive system

  • Bottom lip: intestines

  • Upper lip: stomach

  • Above the lip: spleen

  • Tip of the nose: heart

  • Sides of the nose: lungs

  • Eyebrows: kidneys, liver, shoulder

  • Upper corners of the forehead: gall bladder



£40 (60 Minutes) 

If this is your first treatment, please allow 90 minutes, this allows time for your full consultation before your treatment begins. 


You do not have to be unwell to enjoy a Reflexology treatment. Many people have it as part of maintaining their overall well-being, or just for a deeply relaxing experience, helping to relieve stress. But it is important to say that reflexology is for everyone…no matter how young or old you are!

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