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There are many reasons why men and women can have difficulty with fertility issues and the ability to conceive. Stress, diet, and overwork are just a few factors that can have such a negative impact on fertility. Stress, however, is the biggest cause of a couple’s inability to conceive and affects all body systems.

This is where Foot Reflexology can help. It encourages the body to heal itself and regain balance throughout all our systems, dispersing physical, mental, and emotional blockages. This allows our energy to flow freely once again. Besides experiencing the intense relaxation, sense of release, and calm, Reflexology allows you some much deserved time out…a sublime pause in your day when you can feel physically, emotionally, and mentally lifted.


What you can expect:

As a highly qualified practitioner, I make it my aim to deliver a personal treatment to suit your specific needs. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to help alleviate your anxiety surrounding fertility issues.


In order to optimise your response and allow nature to rebalance, it is advised that you, your partner, or both, have 6 weekly sessions. However, if this isn't possible, one treatment can still be extremely beneficial. 

If you think Reflexology is something you would like to consider then please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have. You can expect a personalised treatment plan, a relaxing comfortable environment, hand reflex techniques demonstrated that you can continue in your own time, along with lifestyle advice.

I use organic, luxury sourced products made by hand in the UK. If you would prefer not to have any product, please just let me know. 


£40 per session

Or book 6 sessions and get one free!

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