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Would you like to learn how to apply some basic and easy-to-follow reflexology techniques to help assist you and your baby as they grow and develop? 

If so, then you are in the right place! I offer a series of 3 weekly sessions over 3 consecutive weeks for you and your little one to attend. 

Each session is hour-long, where we will cover a different topic every week. All techniques are non-invasive; meaning that your baby remains fully clothed at all times. 

Whilst enhancing your bond with your new bundle of joy, we will cover issues such as:

- Relieving Colic, wind/ constipation relief

- Helping to relieve Asthma and Croop 

- How to calm your baby for comfort or sleep

- Boosting their immune system

- Relieving Teething pains and cold-related issues

 These sessions happen within the host's home, who can invite common friends to join them. I prefer a (Maximum of 4 babies) and I'm offering 50% off for the host!

As part of hosting, you are required to offer a safe, suitability heated, clean environment (no glass or sharp objects present), toilet facilities, and Non- Alcoholic refreshments for your group.

The benefits of doing the sessions over 3 weeks, allows you all time to practice the techniques that you have learned and apply them to your little ones' routine and be confident before learning more the following week.

Week 1 - Feeding and digestion  Week 2 - Sleeping and Comforting

Week 3- General well being

Classes are relaxed and fun for both babies and adults, but most importantly baby lead. This means that if your baby needs to feed, cry, or need a cuddle this is all totally fine. 

These simple reflexology techniques can be used continuously as your child grows and develops.  Baby classes are suitable from the age of 4 weeks until walking. Once your baby is walking, I offer Toddler Reflexology which is slightly different.


In order for me to deliver my knowledge to the highest standard, I allow a maximum of 6 babies and a minimum of 4. 

What do I need to bring to the session? 

- Two soft towels or blankets if preferred ( These are used for your baby to lie on and another towel rolled up to support your baby's legs) If your baby is happier sat on your lap/knees this is also fine too.

- Your normal baby day out bag eg: wet wipes, nappies, etc 


What am I going to gain from this? 

- A new fun, weekly activity to attend

- Meeting new mums

- Learning simple, easy to use Reflexology techniques that you can include easily into your baby's routine

- 1-1 bonding time with your baby

- Being able to relax, voice any concerns, and share experiences

- Printed easy to follow handouts 

- Certificate of attendance upon completion

1-1 session?

If you would prefer a 1-1 session, I am more than happy to deliver this either in your own home or my treatment room in Oakdale, Poole. This can be very beneficial for those mothers who have more specific baby needs and would prefer more 1-1 time.  


£40 per mother/child (includes 3 weekly classes over a 3-week duration)


£40 for one 1-1 session 

If you would like any further information then please call or message me.

Please note: If your host address is located over 5 miles outside of Oakdale, I charge 50p per mile traveled to the host location.


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