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Foot reflexology is reputedly the most powerful form. 

It has a wonderful way of activating the body’s own healing powers and is the perfect way to help maintain balance and harmony within the physical, spiritual, and emotional body.
There are 10 zones that run down the length of the feet; each zone and areas within, correspond with a body organ or system, meaning that your feet perfectly map your whole body’s organs, glands, and systems. And all these can be accessed through your feet…how amazing is that?
Reflexology is not a painful treatment to receive and I will make every effort to ensure your comfort throughout your visit.

The Treatment

The treatment will begin with a full consultation, where you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask me any questions. This treatment is received whilst lying comfortably on a couch in a calming, tranquil space. It is non-invasive, and you remain fully clothed apart from the feet. Once comfortable, I will cleanse your feet and begin this wonderful treatment, allowing you a pause in your busy day. Massaging the feet will follow, to help you relax and help make the feet more receptive. I will then gently work the reflex points chosen, and conclude with another stress-busting foot massage, deep breathing, and some visualisation, to help bring you back from your deep relaxation.


I will use a beautiful organic balm on the feet, helping the hands to glide more smoothly and I also have a vegan option available, however, all the treatments can be delivered without using any product…the choice is yours. I make sure that all my balms and oils are sourced in the UK.


£40 (60 minutes)

If this is your first treatment, please allow 1.5 hours, this will ensure you have enough time for your consultation before your treatment


You do not have to be unwell to enjoy a Reflexology treatment. Many people have it as part of maintaining their overall well being, or just for a deeply relaxing experience, helping to relieve stress. But it is important to say that reflexology is for everyone…no matter how young or old you are!
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